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Amazon sellers and other traders who want to import products from China!

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Complete and professional service from the beginning to the end!

We are your China sourcing office!

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Product sourcing

We have many years China sourcing experience. We can source products for you and provide you useful information.

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Amazon service

Amazon service

We monitor your order from the beginning to the end, including FBA labeling and shipping to Amazon warehouse.

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Logistics service

Logistics service

We can deliver your goods by different shipping methods, we can deliver to any destination and help you clear Custom.

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Large Network of Suppliers

With over 2,000 suppliers in our network, we are able to locate suppliers that specialize in what you are looking for.

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Quality Guarantee

From producing to shipping, your orders are monitored by us every step of the way, and we will always update you.

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99% Satisfaction Rate

Because of our professional knowledge and the best service, we enjoy high satisfaction rates from our customers.

We support Amazon seller servicesellers

We provide one-stop Amazon service, from Amazon product sourcing in China, to shipping to FBA warewouse, including destination country Custom clearance and pay Custom duty. What is the process of cooperation? See below simple introduction:

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Send us your request

Email us what you want to buy

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Start China sourcing

Source the products in China based on your request

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Send you a quotation

Quote you a best price after sourcing

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Sample checking

You can check samples before you place order

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Mass production

Confirm the invoice, and then start production

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Quality inspection

Inspect your goods quality and update you

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FBA preparation

Pack the goods based on Amazon rulers

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Check the shipping cost, ship your goods to FBA warehouse